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GwenL Gwendolyn Lewis

I'm a writer, who's currently in tech at Google/YouTube. West Philly native, tea lover, music devotee, cool auntie. IG: @gwendeauxlyn

GwenL's posts

If Music Is Therapy, What Happens When The Therapists Become Toxic?

On a Sunday morning in 2017, I sat at the kitchen counter, drinking tea with my mom, as we listened to College Dropout. She had asked me why people “love Kanye so much.” I gave her answers in the music. We danced through the kitchen to the chorus of “We Don’t Care.” I was celebrating myself when I sang, “Wasn’t s’posed to make it past 25....

Insecure, Chance The Rapper And First World Problems: The Depression Between The Lines

A concept: Lawrence was not a scrub who lived off his girlfriend and was too lazy to get a job. He is an intelligent, capable young man, who suffered from a prolonged episode of major depression.Two seasons and a saturation of think pieces later, my timelines never flooded with explorations of Issa Rae’s treatment of depression in Insecure. A treatment that so perfectly...