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JUSTIN KEY is an actor, entrepreneur, mathematician and speaker residing in Los Angeles, CA by way of Rossville, TN. He is an alumnus of LeMoyne-Owen College, AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts, Mount Saint Mary’s University and The American Conservatory Theater. Justin is an avid reader, world traveler, lover of french fries and red wine and dedicated to scholarship and mentorship for all.

JustinKey101's posts

Black Wealth Is On The Rise, But We Still Have Work To Do

Black wealth in America is seemingly at an all time high.We see celebs like Cardi B rising to superstardom and making money moves, Queen Oprah continuing to represent us at the billionaires’ roundtable and we cannot forget the reigning prince of pop, Michael Jackson, who on October 31, 2017, topped Forbes list of the 13 highest-paid deceased celebrities for the fifth year in a...

Make Money Moves With These 7 Wealth Building Apps

Most have heard the old adage, "no one has ever become rich by just saving." If you haven’t heard it before, now you have. Having a savings account only yields you about two percent, at best. So, how to do you maximize on the potential of your hard earned coins? Investing!With having student loan debt, trying to keep all your weekend brunch appointments and taking...

How To Create And Sustain Seven Streams Of Income

Finance.It’s not taught in most schools. It’s not learned in most homes. It seems as if it’s the secret formula that only the rich and wealthy get access to.  Many people still wonder why in school they had to learn the quadratic formula, order of operations, and the area of a parallelogram yet haven’t used any of them since becoming an adult. I don't...