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I Love Making My Mama Proud, But I Hate How Difficult America Makes It For Me To Succeed

I LOVE MY MAMA! Well, I love both of my parents, but I especially love my mama because she is one of my best friends. We have served to fill the gap that my late grandmother left.During my 28 ½ years of life, aside from my late grandmother, my mother is undoubtedly the person who knows me best – quirks, routines, habits, vices, etc. There is nothing that I would not do...

Is Being A Black Nerd Appreciated Or Appropriated?

I am a nerd. More to the point, I am a Black (male) nerd. I have always been a nerd, as my socially awkward personality and above average intellect and emotional intelligence burnished my nerdy bona fides. Growing up, nerds were a target for bullies, the favorite for teachers, invisible or peculiar to peers, “mature for their age” or keeps to themselves for adults. At least...