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L. Malik Anderson L. Malik Anderson


Kréyol Lalwizyàn. Pansexual. He/ They. Freelancer: @madison_365 @FValley365 Past: @Blavity @WPR | Creative 🎥 💻 . ΣΛΒ. http://lmalikanderson.contently.com/

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More Than A Name: Why It's Time To Drop The Phobia On Black Names

Javon, Deshawn, Trevon, and Devonte are names of just some of the black boys I grew up with. Names which today are being negotiated.A recent episode of Blackish touched on this topic: the phobia of black names. Dre (played by Anthony Anderson) wanted to name his unborn child Devonte, but his wife Bo, (who is played by Tracee Ellis Ross) was not having. The name Devonte was...

On Black Masculinity, The Mental Well-Being Of Black Men And 'Fences'

Before the credits for Fences, I glanced to both my right and left to capture a tearful eye from my father and uncle in a dark theater during the final scene. We do not often see black men struggle with mental well-being on the big screen. Fences, a film adaptation of the play written by the late August Wilson displayed the beauty of a life with family and the tragedy of living...