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Here's How Hampton University Is Making A Major Move

There aren’t many things I would do differently in my past, but if I could go back to May 15, 1997, I would provoke my eight-year-old self to throw a tantrum until my mother took me to the nearest stock brokers office. After being “disciplined” for acting out, I’d drop the freshly delivered Yellow Pages on the kitchen table and search until I found the number and...

Mike Vick On Helping Colin Kaepernick: "...Cut His Hair"

Scrolling through the downloaded albums on his streaming service, the free agent quarterback’s frustration with the inability to find a song is dwarfed by the faux advice bellowing from his television. Settling on “I am not my hair” by India Arie to drown out the noise, Colin Kaepernick hears what he wants to hear. Interrupted by his calendar notifications, he scans...

LA City Council Plans To Change Street Name To Obama Blvd

As I exit Rancho Cienega Park, shoulders slumped, and my “swoosh” style shoes hooked between my two fingers, I realize I have been exposed. My age has exposed the lack of horizontal quickness necessary to keep up with some twenty-year-old, who's rocking his form fitted university t-shirt. I literally find myself at a figurative intersection in life. With a quick head...