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Why Are Black People Looking To Eminem To Be A Voice On Black Social Issues?

Here's the thing. White people have always been partners in this fight for civil rights. So to see Eminem in the Bet Hip Hop cypher wasn't too far-fetched. As a matter of fact, I could totally expect that he would be there (especially if he has an album coming out soon).But here, in this air of inequality, the stench of murdered bodies laid out in the middle of the streets...

Alpha Males Are Hot, But Here's Why You Need The Unpopular Gamma

There's so much talk about alpha males and why you should get you one.An alpha male seems ideal. He's the one that walks into the room, dominates and stands out. He's a risk taker, competitive and the type that goes all out for what he wants. People can't help but to notice him. His body language drips with confidence and he is a leader. He also positions himself for...

What Do You Win By Being The Side Chick?

There is a meme that says "You'll date a man that has a wife, but not a man that lives at home with his mother."It's not #alternativefacts. It's a reality. Women are willingly playing number two. Some of them never wanting to be number one. The other half lying to themselves pretending that they don't want to ever be number one. The rest are selling their...