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You May Believe Lebron James Is Chasing A Championship In LA. I, For One, Think We’re About To Get A ‘Space Jam 2'

Over the past few years, the internet has been tirelessly tinkering around with the idea of Space Jam 2. Not only was the original one of the most popular basketball movies ever made (opening at number one in the United States, grossing over $230 million worldwide and starring NBA superstar Michael Jordan), but it now maintains a rumor that a sequel of the film will feature the second...

Here’s How Instagram Lite Is Helping To Give Black & Latino Communities A Wider Voice

As Instagram hits a milestone during the month of June, acquiring their one billionth user on the free social media app (up 200 million from previous reports), I believe it is also worth mentioning the release of Instagram Lite. The "lite" app, as they call it, is a slimmed down version for Android only. According to Instagram, the release of the slimmed down app targets a...