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agrant Andre Grant

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How 'Insecure' exposes messiness as the central theme of 2016

2016 is the year that will not end. I hear Neptune is out of retrograde now, so we're finally seeing clearly without those noxious clouds of self-delusion hovering over us. I can tell. I've finally come around to perceiving Issa Rae's Insecure for the beautifully plucked string that it is, each note lingering in the air a second or two longer than it should. This latest episode,...

On Repeat: Phony Ppl steps into 2016 with "This Must Be Heaven"

If you don't remember Phony Ppl, that's probably because they've been virtually M.I.A since the instant goodness of their 2015 debut, Yesterday's Tomorrow. The troupe creates atmospheric jams with a hint of sweetness. A trait you can see squarely in "This Must Be Heaven." Their absence has been notable, but they're actually going to be on tour around the West Coast very soon with...

Black Twitter's annual #DuragHistoryWeek is upon us once again

All rise. Once more, #DuragHistoryWeek is upon us. Ladies and gentleman, this is a time to celebrate history's greatest headwear and most prescient invention. The thing that keeps the waves spinning like 24s on a caddy, candy paint gleaming in the low-slung sun. It's the gift that keeps on giving. The gift of warmth. The gift of style. The gift of waves. May thou protect thou waves from...