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Dating Apps Promote Opening Your Heart, But Here’s Why People Of Color Have To Protect Theirs While Swiping

With the advent of the Tinder age, many people of color welcomed the era of online dating with open arms expecting these new apps to make it easier than ever to find like-minded partners from similar backgrounds. However, racial discrimination on dating apps like Tinder has served as a stumbling block on the route towards love for many people of color, and racial discrimination is...

Artificial Intelligence Is The Future, We Can't Let Racism Control It.

Artificial intelligence will massively shape our future society, and humans as a whole have a habit of thinking of AI as something close to God – an omniscient being with objective wisdom that vastly outclasses our puny mortal brains.But AI is a human creation, and so it carries human weaknesses and biases. Far from being objective, studies and experts have noticed multiple...