As a child, nothing gave me more pleasure than sitting down, crossing my chubby legs, grabbing a bag of Doritos and positioning myself in front of the television—to watch hours of music videos. Channels like BET, MTV and The Box (am I dating myself yet?) were always on rotation in my home, creating a vibrant visual getaway, while providing one ill playlist in the process. Music videos were a part of our natural routine growing up. How many afternoons and evenings were devoted to a new episode of Making the Video or Access Granted? How many memories can you tie to a music video that had a direct impact on your life? Lord knows I have several.

The 10 creatives below not only defined my childhood, but with their work, they each defined an era. They made three to four minute music videos that accompanied the hits of the time. These were all-out experiences that permanently etched their space into directorial history.

Here's my list of the top 10 music video directors who gave us visual glory then, now and forever.