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How To Maintain Love In The Church By Dispelling Kim Burrell-Like Speech

Acclaimed gospel singer Kim Burrell recently rose to Black Twitter’s burn list when video of a homophobic church sermon emerged online. While the content of this hateful speech isn’t worth repeating, the idea that gay people aren’t worthy of God’s love and are perverse, didn’t sit well with tolerant, equality-driven people. For black members of the LGBT...

Movement in Urban Spaces: Salsa Dancing in St. Louis

Beautiful movement is around every corner. A brisk winter morning doesn't stop these two St. Louisians from igniting their chemistry in the form of footwork, in an unlikely location. Watch as they fade in and out of the sounds of north St. Louis City. 

How to maintain friendships in the age of color blindness

The two of us couldn’t have been more paradoxical. Me, a queer woman with a petite frame, cocoa skin, voluminous curly hair, brown eyes and liberal attitude towards both the political and social. *Vinny, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall, neatly manicured blonde hair, piercing green eyes, devoutly religious, straight and conservative in his worldview and his daily conduct. Kendrick...