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Why Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' Album Is Still Necessary A Year Later

On April 23, 2016 with the release of a full-length cinematic HBO special featuring beautiful artistic visuals, spoken word interludes and songs from her 12-track Lemonade album, Beyoncé, and her Louisville slugger, broke the internet, smashed the charts and sent the hive into a fury. Photo: GiphyYonce is known for pulling these types of stunts, but this time was...

'DAMN.' Is Now The Highest-Rated Album Of All-Time On Metacritic

On Friday, April 14, Kendrick Lamar dropped his highly-anticipated fourth album, DAMN. This was me and my entire timeline after listening to 55 nonstop minutes of pure, hot fire. Photo: GiphyYour boy Kendrick came through for the culture with a graphic narration of today's social, political and cultural landscape. His everyman perspective is a refreshing reprieve from the...

The Golden Globes' #HiddenFences Flub Is Now A Real Stage Play

From purple mountain majesties to those amber waves of grain, if the blunder was made in these here United States, chances are that Black Twitter saw it, dragged it and created a meme for it. Through the magic of social media, the voices of individuals and communities that have long been invisible now have a platform and license to voice opinions, create comedy and transform...