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ebflake Ebony F.

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10 Reasons Why We Still Ride For 'The Golden Girls'

Today marks 32 years since Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia first gathered around the kitchen table of their fictional Miami home. Since then, The Golden Girls have been serving cheesecake, laughter, and quick witted realness well into syndication. In honor of this landmark date in 1985, here are 10 reasons why we still ride forThe Golden Girls:1. Back in 1985, when the show first...

Chloe & Halle's Acoustic Rendition Of "Bodak Yellow" Will Inspire You To Make Money Moves

Cardi B is winning! With the release of "Bodak Yellow," the Afro-Latina Instagram sensation turned Love & Hip Hop star, officially earned her stripes as a bona fide hip-hop artist. With the undisputed song of Summer '17, the Bronx beauty has parlayed her personality into several consecutive wins, gaining respect and recognition from audiences and icons in the...

10 Must-Read Book Releases For Fall 2017

There is nothing more powerful than written narrative. A good book can provoke thought, give affirmation, expand your point-of-view, and make you laugh from your gut. The outpouring of ideas and energy from writer to reader is nothing short of divine, and on the remarkable occasion that an author is able to effectively unpack the emotions that we're too busy or...