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ebflake Ebony F.

Staff Writer

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Is It Wrong For Howard University to Capitalize On The Gentrification of Washington, D.C.?

By now, we are all familiar with the predominant narrative around gentrification. It's a form of modern day colonialization that ultimately displaces low-income residents to clear the way for cool yuppie havens. To add insult to bad optics, some of the businesses that take up residence in newly gentrified areas across the country, are making a mockery of this transition by...

Crown Heights Brooklyn Restaurant Takes Gentrification To New Lows

The plight of the gentrifier. While their organized influx into "deteriorated" neighborhoods demands unprecedented inpouring of resources, it also presents an inherent dilemma. How are they to balance the need for pressed juice bars, organic grocery stores, and proper pet hotels while also maintaining the "dangerous" edge that attracted them? Given the surge of...