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jrogers Jennifer Rogers

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Top 10 Artists From The 90s Who Sang Their Hearts Out

If you know anything about anything then you know that 90s R&B is the last great era of music. There is a reason people are wearing shirts proclaiming "if the love don't feel like 90s R&B, then I don't want it". Cause it meant something, ok? There is no other time in the history of music where every single artist stepped into the studio with the sole...

8 Lessons I Learned From The Film 'Boomerang'

As of 2017, we have officially reached the 25th anniversary of the release of, by far and away, one of Eddie Murphy's greatest contributions to cinema, Boomerang.Boomerang was released to theaters in 1992 and, at the ripe old age of 8, consequentially, changed how I view both men and women alike. Upon this momentous occasion, I found it only necessary to provide a thorough...

Why Black Men Need Props Too

I love black men. This ain't to say that I have anything against any other man. But this one here? It's not about you. Because I love black men. Photo: PinterestI can't take all the credit for this. This love came from intentionality. My parents taught me the importance of loving a black man. Nah, they didn't teach me to hate anybody else, but they...