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uhstevedude Steven Underwood


Steven Underwood is a writer from Columbus, Ohio, where he reigns supreme as the original Urban Bohemian. He received his Bachelor's in English: Creative Writing and now wanders fiction shelves employing his academic powers to investigate where it says exactly that Black kids can't be wizards. Currently, He sharpens his craft in New York City and curating Black Twitter's most elusive tweets @blaqueword.

uhstevedude's posts

Why America Only Values Black Artists After They Die

Jean-Michel Basquiat, the prolific black graffiti artist, died of a heroine overdose in the 1980s. For years, the young creator dedicated himself to his craft. Sometimes he received great wins, but the obscurity of his name existed until the moment he died of his own demons and could offer nothing but his legacy to the world. Following his death, Basquiat’s name has been...

Why The Bonds Between Straight Men Can Sometimes Sabotage Their Romantic Relationships

A lot of men perform for a group mentality: both in honoring their shared ideals and maintaining them.I stated this earlier this week, went viral and I stand by the statement (despite the slurs I've invited because of it. Who knew people felt so passionately?). Not far from any fraternity is the threat of a broken bond. After all, fragile men live in panic of the idea that...