Last night, professional Internet troll Azealia Banks fulfilled her biggest career ambition: She released the kraken.  Banks earned worldwide attention after tweeting international singer Zayn Malik a slew of ethnic and homophobic slurs. Banks' continual racist and anti-refugee tweets make her complicit in the larger system of white supremacy. Uplifting one group of people while belittling another impedes real change. After a fan account leaked her contact information, a host of people tweeted their disdain for her inflammatory comments. British DJs and rappers were not having any of Banks' persisting bigotry. But none of these people dragged Banks like Disney Channel star, Skai Jackson

Skai Jackson snatched Banks' edges clear off her head. She deep fried them in old chicken grease and drove over the remnants with the Mercedes she will probably buy for herself when she turns 16

Jackson's drag of Banks garnered her a grand applause from Black Twitter, upgrading her from her former status as a meme and child actress to a level-9 apprentice of Rihanna's savagery

Azealia Banks spews hateful rhetoric in the name of being unapologetically black.

Banks has never shied away from proclaiming herself to be a proud black woman. But how much can we really value her blackness when it marginalizes other black people? Banks' relentless utilization of gay slurs, her endorsement of a man who has vowed to ban Muslims from entering the USA, and her fervent attempts to excuse Bill Cosby of his dark and abusive past call into question both her character and her love of black people

Blackness is intersectional. 

Banks cannot be anti-gay and pro-black. Gay black people exist. Banks cannot be anti-Muslim immigrants and pro-black. Black Muslim immigrants exist. Banks cannot be against survivors of sexual assault and pro-black. Black survivors exist

Banks gives womanism a bad name and she taints the definition of what it means to truly be 'unapologetically black.' Her truth is marginalizing and hateful. She's a bully and she needs to retire from her current career on the Internet and learn humility

Maybe Banks can live off the dividends she made from dragging Igloo Australia.

Banks loves to call people out. Sometimes it's dope. Most of the time, it's not. Partially because her claims are ridiculous. But mostly because she is unable to address people without resorting to remarks that perpetuate systemic issues

Maybe Skai can give her a few tips. I hear she's teaching after filming Bunk'd

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