Barack Obama and Joe Biden didn't just have a relationship as president and vice president; they were bosom buddies. The pair's shenanigans were a breath of fresh air in the sea of complicated politics, and they never failed to entertain. 

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Now that the two men have some time on their hands, they decided to make an impromptu trip to Dog Tag Bakery in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, July 31, to the surprise of everyone inside, GQ reports. 

The bakery is so-named because the establishment supports veteran empowerment by employing vets with service-connected disabilities.

The two shared a bit of banter while everyone snapped pics. The bakery staff remained professional and promptly took the order, of course. Speaking of which, we know y'all are curious about what they ate. 

Well, Barack and Joe ordered ham and gruyere on shallot-jam ciabatta, a slice of mint-basil blueberry cake, brownies and coffee, according to staff member Lolly Rivas.

Um, we're now we're hungry AF. Maybe that order should be a special at the bakery from now on. It could be called the "Obiden?" Or perhaps the "Bidama?" 

Alas, the duo's lunch had folks missing them extra hard!

Photo: GIPHY