Newly released 911 calls from the late April encounter between a white Oakland woman dubbed "BBQ Becky" and black men grilling puts her mental health in question. 

In two separate 911 calls, Jennifer Schulte, also known as BBQ Becky, tried to call the police on two black men grilling with charcoal grills in an area supposedly not intended for charcoal grills.

The incident took place April 29 at Lake Merritt and has since become one of the year's most viral moments. Local news outlet KTVU obtained the original calls, revealing Schulte's inability to describe her race to the dispatcher. 

“I’d like to report that someone is illegally using a charcoal grill in a non-designated area in Lake Merritt Park near Cleveland Cascade," she said in the first call that lasted for about two minutes. "I’d like it dealt with immediately so that coals don’t burn more children and we have to pay more taxes.”

Original cell phone video captured the woman making a call as the camera woman, Michelle Snider, berated her for harassing the two men — one of which was her husband, Kenzie Smith.  

About two hours later, Schulte makes the second call and acts more frantic than before, the Mercury News notes.

The dispatcher can be heard asking what is going on in the background. When she asks Schulte about her race, she refuses to say anything.  “My race doesn’t matter,” she said. 

"How are they going to find you?” the dispatcher responded. 

After a bit of a back and forth, the dispatcher asked if she was ever placed in the John George mental hospital.

This second call lasted 10 minutes and could have ended sooner if she told the dispatcher her race. Both calls can be heard in the YouTube video below:

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