Raynell "Supa" Steward, aka Supa Cent, has been entertaining audiences for half a decade. The New Orleans native got her start on the now-defunct social platform Vine in 2013 and immediately became a source of entertainment for the app's users.

In 2017, Supa started her cosmetic company, "The Crayon Case," which boasts an eyeshadow palette with vibrant colors that resemble a box of crayons. Since then, the Black-owned mogul has made her mark within the beauty industry in an emphatic way. 

In her first experience with Cyber Monday, Supa hosted a sale on November 26. By 10:13 a.m., she says she received over 10,000 orders. Shortly after that, she posted on her Instagram that "The Crayon Case" had grossed $1 million in revenue, only 90 minutes after the sale went live. 

In true come-up fashion, Supa worked as a waitress and housekeeper for years long before she turned her passion into profit.

"You may have a good day, and you may have a bad day. You may make rent, and you may not," Steward told WDSU in June. "You may have to pick up extra shifts and work on holidays and miss your son's birthday party."

The businesswoman now has her own space in her hometown New Orleans and has 20 employees overseeing operations for her company. 

As for words of wisdom for other aspiring business owners? Supa says to believe in yourself, as many people won't always believe in you.

"Don’t hate on yourself. Along your journey, many people are going to tell you what you can't do and what you shouldn’t do," she said. “Don’t be that person to yourself."

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