Proposals are always romantic. They can be romantic extravagantly or simple, public or private, flashy or demure. 


But thanks to social media, there is growing pressure to make proposals as epic as possible. Cue, this guy on Twitter:

Let's get this straight: he not only proposed on one knee but bought six whole rings so his future wife could choose which engagement ring she prefers?


Homeboy took a page out of T.I.'s book, proposing all, 'You can have whatever you like.'


Thanos has nothing on him! He offered her the love stone, the support stone, the vows stone, the family stone, the anniversary stone and even the forever stone. 


The person who reposted the proposal pictures wasn't a fan of the method but was happy for the couple nevertheless.

Another user wondered if the man was trying to use his flex to hide the fact he doesn't really know her at all.


Someone else was concerned about whether the gentleman would get a full refund for the unchosen rings. 

I'm kinda hoping he got a refund for the 5 other rings.

— Cheri (@AmatorDancer) November 27, 2018

The Twitter user @FLYLUSI posited the man cheated and was using the "Kobe apology" method. 


Meanwhile, some ladies suggested the woman take all the rings because why not?

If you're not about that lavish idea, here's another more … eccentric one:

Congrats to the newly engaged couple! We can't help but wonder which ring she chose, though.


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