Black Female Police Officer Suspended After Being Violently Arrested By White Male Cop In Baltimore

She shouldn't have to throw around her title to avoid being treated in this extreme manner, either.

Photo Credit: Twitter / Barry Simms

| September 06 2018,

5:41 pm

Video footage captured outside a Baltimore strip club shows police officers roughly attempting to control a black woman. Turns out, that woman is the Baltimore Police Department's Sergeant Henrietta Middleton.

WBAL reporter Barry Simms posted a clip of the incident, adding that Middleton was also allegedly brutally punched during the altercation. Witnesses support that claim, reporting they saw the male officer punch Middleton as well.

"We looked up and the police was striking a female, full force, full impact," noted the person who recorded and turned in the video to WBAL. 

Witnesses also reportedly tried to inform the uniformed police officers Middleton is also a cop. The crowd that grew around the altercation can be seen growing more and more agitated as the violent encounter continues.

"He wasn't arresting her. He threw that lady around like she was a rag doll," the person who recorded the video said.

“What I saw was a man punching a woman full force in the face, like he was brawling with another man,” 53-year-old witness Gary Massey told The Baltimore Sun. “I’m not saying she wasn’t out of order or being disruptive, but he’s clearly stronger than this lady.”

“When officers arrived, they observed the patron acting in a disorderly manner," reads an official statement from the Baltimore police. "The female patron approached an officer and refused to comply. She was arrested and charged on a criminal citation for drunk and disorderly conduct. She was identified as Henrietta Middleton, a 12-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department, who is currently assigned to the Inspector General’s Office.”

Police have reported Middleton is currently suspended. The department has issued no comment on whether the arresting officer will be disciplined for the use of force seen in the video. According to the BPD, the arrest is currently under investigation.  

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