Katossa Glover broke barriers in her community by opening a nail salon with an all-Black staff, which opened at a mall in Charlotte, North Carolina, last month.

Glover told Queen City News about her latest business venture and how she plans to serve the community through her services.

“I’d never seen a full-service Black salon in the mall. And it was honestly a dream of ours, and I didn’t know it would come to fruition. But when we came to Northlake, they embraced us and they’ve been supportive ever since,” Glover told the outlet.

The Charlotte native has been in the beauty industry and became the owner of Applause! Hair Designs in 2014. She later moved into Northlake Mall in 2020.

“That’s the feeling that clients have when they leave. That’s the feeling people should have. When they leave your salon, they should feel like you are really applauding them, that they’re worth it,” Glover said.

Glover’s business was a big success until she was forced to shut down temporarily due to the pandemic and the closed mall. However, she recovered and later reopened her business to the Charlotte community.

She officially opened the first Black-owned and fully operated nail salon on Nov. 12, right next door to her hair shop, per QC News.

“When we reopened our clients rushed the door. So it’s the support of not only the hair salon clients because those clients are now coming here because they were so excited about the nail salon opening. So, it feels like we have our own community here in this corner,” Glover said.

Her customers also appreciate the skills and professionalism she offers through her business.

“I would describe Katossa as an anchor. You can always you can take a breather because of your schedule or just life hits. But she’s always there to welcome you back and to pick up where she left off,” Tracey Pickard said, according to QC News. She’s been a customer of Glover’s for five years.

Glover recalled the salon being packed with customers during Thanksgiving week from the time she opened until closing.

“We were packed from 8 a.m. until literally 9 p.m. We closed the door and I had to tell people at 9 p.m. “We can’t take anybody else.” I heard people say that normally that’s not the case in nail salons and hair salons, but black Friday for us was nothing short of amazing,” Glover said.

Glover’s salon is not just a place to get your nails done; it’s a hub for women to gather and socialize. The salon’s success is due to the service quality and the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere she has created.

“When we get the support of other cultures, it means even more because it’s not just about us having a Black team or having Black clients. It is about being a Charlotte native. Literally, my goal is to give back to Charlotte, whoever that is,” she said.