Black Panther has quickly become a cultural phenomenon in addition to a box office success.

While the Wakanda greeting has taken the world by storm, a slew of black tech innovators are taking inspiration from the film a step further to make Wakanda a reality.  

Wayne Sutton, Change Catalyst co-founder, was so moved by the film that he created Type Wakanda, a text translator that transforms your messages into the language from the hit film. 

“Everything about the Black Panther movie is innovative! From Ryan Coogler, writing and directing to the technology built by Shuri and all the innovation throughout the film,” Sutton told Black Enterprise. “When I first saw the text on screen translate from Oakland to the Wakanda font, I was like that’s really cool!”

Using the translator is easy. Just head over to the site. Once there, a text box will be present so that users can just type in their words/messages. There will be a "Share Your Wakanda Text" button that allows users to download the text in the form of an image that can be applied to any social media profile.

“The Black Panther movie is such an inspiring film for entrepreneurs, especially black entrepreneurs,” Sutton said. “I wanted to build something for the culture and for Black Panther fans. Also, I wanted to keep my coding and web development skills on point."

The success of Marvel's latest superhero flick at the box office isn't a small feat either, making $27 million from 3,834 locations as of Sunday. The film easily beat out new releases like Warner Bros' Tomb Raider as it continues to hold down the No. 1 spot for the fifth weekend in a row, according to Variety.The last time a film managed five straight weeks at No. 1 was 2009's Avatar, directed by James Cameron.

In light of the film's continual dominance at the box office, it seems only right to add to another way you can rep Wakanda.

"I hope people find it fun and useful," Sutton said. "#WakandaForever!”