When it comes to online reactions to news of Nike's Colin Kaepernick signing by police officers, it can seem like the sportswear company has "everybody mad," but that isn't actually the case.

The National Fraternal Order of Police is certainly big mad about Nike's decision to make Kaep the face of its 30th anniversary "Just Do It" campaign, calling the move an "insult" to law enforcement. And the National Association of Police Organizations said the ads served as “shallow dilettante seeking to gain notoriety by disrespecting the flag for which so many Americans have fought and died,” according to The Hill.


However, the National Black Police Association (NBPA) isn't down with the statements of either police organization.

“NBPA believes that Mr. Kaepernick’s stance is in direct alignment with what law enforcement stands for — the protection of a people, their human rights, their dignity, their safety and their rights as American citizens," wrote NBPA national chairperson Sonia Y.W. Pruitt in a September 5 letter on behalf of the police organization.

In fact, Pruitt says the organization will continue to rep Nike and members will “likely be buying and wearing lots of Nike products in the near future.”


Pruitt went on to accuse the National Association of Police Organizations of being "out of touch" with the black community. NBPA was founded in 1972 in order to help make the voices of black officers heard, and is based in Dallas.

“That [the the National Association of Police Organizations] has chosen this matter to take a stance, only perpetuates the narrative that police are racist, with no regard, acknowledgment, respect, or understanding of the issues and concerns of the African American community,” Pruitt wrote.

Ultimately, NBPA wants the public to understand that there are black bricks in the so-called "blue wall" of police silence and solidarity, and that black officers don't always agree with the views of their white colleagues.

“As black officers, we often find ourselves riding the wave with other officers, but no one has asked us what our opinion is,” Pruitt told the Washington Post in an interview. “On many of these social issues we disagree, but nobody knows that, because the assumption is that if you’re a police officer that you all think the same way.”

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