Black Twitter got together on Thursday to populate the hashtag #BlackHogwarts by imagining what Hogwarts would have been like if it had been a blacker place.

The results were simply magical.

Users first set up rules for the world, getting everyone on the same page. For instance, the sorting hat became the sorting doorag:

The four houses students were sorted into transformed as well:

Although it could sometimes be easy to forget with all the fighting, Voldemort, Quidditch and teen romance, Hogwarts was — at the end of the day — a school. So Twitter imagined would classes be like at a Black Hogwarts: 

Users also reminded us that you can always count on Black Twitter to keep a fantasy world real:

No part of life at Black Hogwarts went unexplored, and that includes love and dating:

Even death was addressed:

And at least one user hoped that J.K. Rowling was paying attention:

That Lupita-Rihanna Black Twitter movie is happening. So who knows? A Black Hogwarts series could be in bookstores before you know it.