Black Twitter praised four girls featured in a viral TikTok video, comparing their relationship to a “coming of age” movie after the eldest daughter is left to fix her younger sisters’ problems.

According to indy100, the girls’ mother initially shared the video to TikTok account @palmview956 before the platform removed it. However, the clip was re-posted on a new family account.

The nearly six-minute clip begins with the eldest daughter, Valentina, showing viewers her version of the “Get Unready With Me” trend. As the girl continued, she was interrupted by one of her younger sisters asking to borrow a pair of scissors. Moments later, she heard one of the girls scream, and two of her sisters ran into her room.


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Valentina learned that her sister, Khaleesi, had cut their other sister Camilla’s hair. The trio started arguing about who was at fault when their mother went to check on them. The young girl then advised Khaleesi to “close the door now” as she attempted to fix Camilla’s hair.

Camilla was seemingly worried about her hair and appearance since picture day was coming up. 

“Tomorrow’s picture day!” she said as Khaleesi handed her the piece of cut hair.

Valentina was upset at her sisters and chastised them over the haircut fail. “Why are you laughing? I told you not to do anything stupid!” she told the girls.

She then searched her phone for hairstyles to rectify the situation. But Valentina faced another obstacle: preventing her baby sister from telling her mom after she ran in, saying they were “in trouble.”

Valentina managed to keep her sister quiet with a cookie and found a hairstyle for Camilla. She turned the botched haircut into bangs, with Camilla asking, “What have you done to my life?”

Their mom returned to the room and asked what the girls were up to. While the sisters initially downplayed the incident, they later revealed Camilla’s new hairstyle and insisted the situation turned positive. The family matriarch demanded Camilla show her father her hair, prompting Valentina to ask for prayers from the viewers.

The video has since gone viral on TikTok and X, formerly known as Twitter. Internet users commented on the young girls and insisted they deserved an Academy Award for the performance in the clip, per indy100.

“This is literally a coming of age movie 😭,” one user shared.

“Swore i’d never watch a tiktok video longer than a minute, but this was cinema. ‘what have you done to my life?’ had me crying,” another wrote.

“I didn’t understand why everyone was so excited about this video and then I watched it. Pure cinema. Absolutely perfect,” a third user added.

“Best TikTok ever. Cinema. Especially for an eldest sister of sisters lol,” another commented.