“We want to say thank you. Jermaine saw the talent that a lot of people didn’t. They didn’t want to give us a chance,” announced Tamika Scott, one fourth of R&B girl group, Xscape.

Producer Jermaine Dupri had just exited the stage having rapped his verse in house party mainstay, “Just Kickin' It” during the May 8 Verzuz performance that celebrated 90s legendary, powerhouse groups Xscape and SWV. 

“Jermaine looked past what we looked like back then, and Jermaine gave us the deal,” continued the baby-faced crooner, Scott. 

For those aware of 90s music lore, it was an obvious callback to Xscape’s early mistreatment in the industry motivated by how their appearance was received in a male dominated genre. Rap deity Biggie famously went so far as to randomly bad-mouth their looks in a song. Wallace would later apologize shortly before his death.

To know that these insanely talented, successful and obviously gorgeous women still held space for the unfair (and untrue) ridicule they experienced as girls was surreal and humbling. Especially, since the truth is that they were always beautiful.