One thing about Saweetie, she's always booked and busy. The 28-year-old platinum-selling rapper got her start in music in 2016 while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California. Since then, she has managed to keep herself relevant in and out of the music scene by securing partnerships with the likes of MAC, Pretty Little Thing and McDonald's, and most recently hosting the 2021 MTV EMAs. In a sit-down with BlavityU, Saweetie offered insight into her college experience and how it's helped her secure the bag. 

"It had its pros and cons," Saweetie tells BlavityU. "For anybody who is thinking about going to college, even if you don't go, I always recommend at least just doing one semester.  Besides the classes and the professors, which can be sometimes good or bad, sometimes you meet really dope people."  

Jokingly, Saweetie added that while the parties were definitely an extra perk that she enjoyed, college also provided her with room to evolve as a young adult. 

"[College] is just like a safe place to be an adult. That's what I'll say.  It's like, you're almost into adulthood, but you're not. So I think it's a great way to groom you into adulting," said Saweetie. 

Education has proven to be something Saweetie is very passionate about. The Bay Area-born femcee has long been using her Icy University platform to educate the masses on everything from business development to self-love. Most recently, she went back to her alma mater to teach an in-person class focusing on the same curriculum. 

Saweetie, who majored in Communications with an emphasis in Business, says that her time in school played a huge part in how she approaches her career today.

"It made me a critical thinker," she tells BlavityU. "I don't give my answers immediately. I want to look at my contracts. What are the deliverables? Expectations? It just made me into a thinker."

"When you think about college, I don't remember what I studied for," Saweetie adds. "What it taught me is how to think. And some of us need that — like me. It just taught me how to be a businesswoman. I think that's really important because I do control a lot of things that go on around me."

Saweetie joins a long list of today's entertainers who are making education a priority. From rappers getting their GED, to graduating college or teaching courses of their own, there's no doubt that knowledge is power.