BLM Activists Arrested For Protesting Super Bowl While Thousands Of Fans Destroy City After Eagles Win

Only three were arrested at the Philadelphia riots but 17 BLM protesters were arrested for peacefully protesting police brutality.

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| February 05 2018,

5:24 pm

As you've heard by now, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl last night. The victory led to mass rampages and riots across Philadelphia as fans celebrated. While thousands joined in the shenanigans, the mayor's office said police arrested only three.

That pales compared to the number of Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters police arrested yesterday as they protested police brutality, racism, corporate greed and President Donald Trump.

Protestors at three sites near and around downtown Minneapolis blocked and chained themselves along a light rail transit line near U.S. Bank Stadium, temporarily halting trains carrying fans to the Super Bowl. The StarTribune reports at least 40 people strung themselves across the Metro Transit Green Line tracks near the University of Minnesota before police forcibly removed and arrested 17, citing unlawful interference with transit.

Black Lives Matter and supporting organizations including the Anti-War Committee, local unions and Women Against Military Madness, organized the rally to stand with football players and other athletes who decided to "take a knee" at games during the national anthem in protest of police violence and systemic racism.

In any other situation, BLM activists wouldn't have been able to think about ruining property without being handcuffed. Yet these thugs destroyed the city and woke up this morning like nothing happened. Qwhite interesting, don't you think?