Editor’s note: Spoilers for the most recent episode of ‘BMF’ below

BMF star Kash Doll made her exit from the series in its most recent episode. The rapping actress has been a major part of the cast since season 1, portraying Monique, a paralegal for Detroit’s most prominent defense attorney. She’s a staple in the life Demetrius “Meech” Flenory (Demetrius “Lil’ Meech” Flenory Jr).

In the series, the character is a strong, single mother willing to do anything for her daughter. Monique is the on-and-off again girlfriend of Meech who also has a troubled relationship with Meech’s sworn enemy, Lamar Silas (Eric Kofi Abrefa)

In nine of season 2, Monique plans to kill Lamar, hoping to eliminate him and the chaos he has brought into her life. But something goes wrong.

In the intense scene, the rapper/actress, born Arkeisha Knight, welcomes Lamar into her home, using his obsession with her to let his guard down. She attempts to get him to take his cocaine use to the next level, and when it flips the plan back on her, all hell breaks loose.

After she puts up a hard fight, fans are shocked to see Lamar kill Monique by choking her. After the episode aired, the Detroit-born rapper took to her Instagram to share her feelings about her departure.


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“Y’all my girl Monique gone…. She put up a fight though if it helps (bc i see y’all upset) the lady i was portraying really passed away in real life and she did have one of big meech daughters… me and the real Zoey talk all the time and she put me up on game @yataviachristiana  however thanks everyone for the support i enjoyed this experience and will love to do it again! @50cent @tvsrandyhuggins luv y’all forever! @bmfstarz ❤️❤️ i can’t lie @ekabrefa u wrong as hell “

Kash Doll continued to share scenes from her last episode, calling out Lamar’s quick temper.



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The rapper continued the conversation about her character’s departure on her Twitter.

Fans gave the rapper her flowers for her excellent job on the series, claiming she was a “natural.”

She later shared some information about the person that her character was based on. Yolonda dated Meech and did have a daughter with him. She passed away in 2004, but not to the same fate as Monique.