Kyrie Irving To Celebrate His Native American Heritage In Special 'Homecoming' Ceremony Hosted By Standing Rock Tribe

Irving's late mother had Native American heritage.

Photo Credit: Twitter

| August 24 2018,

12:12 am

One of the NBA's most dynamic ball handlers will be honored by his mother's Native American tribe, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, in a ceremony highlighting his heritage. 

Some may know the Boston Celtics' newest star, Kyrie Irving, as a great point guard, but Irving has a strong Native American heritage that has been rarely spoken about in the media.

His late mother, Elizabeth Ann Larson, was part of the White Mountain family residing in Bear Soldier District in South Dakota, according to USA Today.

Irving's lineage stretches several generations including his grandmother, great-grandmother and great-grandfather.

"We could not be more excited, he has made us all very proud," tribe chairman Mike Faith said in a statement. "To know that he has not forgotten his roots and is taking the time before he starts his basketball season to visit the people, his people, shows that Kyrie has great character and pride in his heritage."

The 2016 NBA Champion will be celebrated on Thursday. He'll receive a name and be met with lavish celebrations as the nation officially welcomes him home.

Over his time as a player, Irving has not been shy about his Standing Rock Sioux heritage. He has a tattoo of the tribe's emblem on his neck and has designed the N7 shoe in partnership with Nike, which pays tribute to the tribe and his mother, reports Sneaker News.   

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