Greg and April Alexander got married on March 23 in Brooklyn, New York. While they hoped nothing would go wrong on their special day, that turned out to be wishful thinking. 

During the couple's first dance at their wedding reception in Queens, the DJ had technical difficulties and the music completely crashed. 

"I couldn’t believe that out of everything that could go wrong it would be the music. The cornerstone of a good reception is food and music," Greg told Blavity in an interview. "I kept smiling to reassure my bride that everything will be okay. Looking at her face kept me grounded."

Music or not, nothing was going to stop this special moment. Best Man Darryl Farrell started to clap and slowly the entire room joined in. The room broke out into a beautiful melody of "If I Ever Fall In Love again" by Shai. 

What happened next was something neither Greg nor April could have planned -- the entire room broke out into song and sang the lyrics a cappella. The moment was recorded on video and posted to the couple's Instagram page then later to Facebook where it's since received more than 3 million views

They uploaded the video to Facebook two weeks ago and it was on Easter that the couple realized their first dance video went viral and had more than 1 million views. 

"We are so overjoyed with love and thankful to God for the outpour we have received from our first dance," April said. "Our goal is to always touch lives and show that millennials can have fun by honoring God through covenant." 

Their beautiful love story started years prior. Greg and April met at Hope City Church in Brooklyn, NY and had been friends for three years.  In the summer of 2016, they entered into a courtship and committed to celibacy before saying "I do." 

Greg later proposed to April on a rooftop restaurant in Astoria, Queens with their entire family there. Watch their proposal video below. 

They said they hope their journey inspires young black couples. 

"We are two Black millennials who followed God through celibacy to get to marriage and share how His love allowed us to not only love ourselves but each other," the newlyweds said. "Loving the cultural nuances of each other and combining the African American and West Indian American cultures into a melting pot of culture for our own family. With unique traditions that highlight the importance of identity of self and people. That is Black Love." 

"We were so excited that our groomsmen jumped in and then the whole room. I was so happy to have God’s grace cover us in the moment through our friends and family the night of our wedding," April said. "The love in the room was so overwhelming. We ran up to hug our groomsmen who made a memory we’d never forget."