Growing up I was always taught the values of respecting, loving and being peaceful towards others. Brooke Jean has taken all three of those values and made them the foundation of her poetry movement. The California native demonstrates a wide range of talents from music, literature, and spoken word performances.

I got the chance to find out what pushes Brooke Jean to write and what her famous music executive mentor has taught her so far along her journey. Check out the interview below.


Who is Brooke Jean?
I am a young woman on the road of self identity. An emotional writer pouring out my experiences and those of others around me. I aim to bridge the gap between positivity poetry and the people.

When did you start writing poetry, and what moved you to start?
I began writing poetry back in my elementary school days. It was my form of emotional release by writing in my journals. I then was inspired by friends to recite on stage back in college. Ever since, I have been performing on stages and pursuing my art professionally.

How do you get in the mental place where you find this deeper interior and write?
Mentally everything happens naturally. I’ve tried forcing myself to write in efforts to enhance my skills. I find the quality of my writing is the best when I let the emotions take control of my fingertips.

What is your favorite piece that you have written? Why?
My favorite piece is “Inside A Woman’s Heartbeat.” I wrote this piece as my first ever performance poem at the age of 19. It is my favorite piece because it details my opinion of how women are depicted in our world.

You have a beautiful poem titled “Second Chances.” How did this poem come about?
Thank you! 🙂 Second Chances derived from a year of experiences, obstacles and roadblocks that I had to overcome. New Years Eve I got into a car accident that left me with back pain for a year and a lot of self reflection. I felt like I had so many things going wrong in my life at that time. I prayed to God for a second chance on this journey and to prove that I really want this career.

Russell Simmons is one of your mentors. What advice has he given you on furthering your artistic career?
He advised me to keep giving my art away until people cannot live without it. That women have to make their mark in business by being comfortable being themselves and making a statement. Lastly, if I wish to further myself I must focus on one business and perfect it.

Who is your favorite poet? Why?
Queen Mya Angelou was the inspiration for me to begin writing poetry. An elementary teacher performed “Phenomenal Woman” and I was amazed at the storyline and passion. My favorite young poet is Jasmine Mans, her work is impeccable and her performances are breathtaking.


What do you battle with the most as a poet?
I battle with a mind that never stops thinking. I have so many stories to create and I always take notes to remember them. Some poems move me deeper than others and I find myself creating quickly yet passionately.

I know you enjoy writing poetry, but what other passions do you have?
I love reading and learning about what goes on in the world. I usually go to beaches, parks or skyline views to indulge in a great book. I also enjoy making life memories and passionate about traveling the world. My passport is ready for those stamps. 🙂

What qualities or subject matter do you feel is missing in today’s poetry?
I feel everyone expresses themselves uniquely and you cannot pinpoint what’s missing. You could say there are more people missing from the art of poetry in retrospect. The more you express yourself the more you begin to build and find yourself. All art forms have various qualities and subject matters.

What’s next for Brooke Jean?
I released my EP “Reform” October 1st for free download at It is my second release since 2011. What’s next for me is bringing awareness to Reform, touring and promoting.

Brooke Jean is continuing to remind people to never forget to respect, show love, and live peacefully. She’ll be taking her poetry nationally and internationally very soon so please stay tuned to what she has coming up!

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Photos courtesy of  @porterhouseLA