A California science teacher was arrested after cutting off her student's hair during their first-period chemistry class. 

The teacher, identified by ABC 30 as Margaret Gieszinger, was recorded cutting off a piece of a University Preparatory High School student's hair and tossing it behind her while singing the national anthem. Students in the video ran and screamed after the teacher grabbed a female student's hair. The 52-year-old, whose teaching credential was suspended in 2007 and 2016, reportedly had a breakdown earlier in the week after she couldn't find a copy of one of her tests.  

"I know that on Monday she had another freakout because a test was missing or something. She accused the students of taking the test," one student told the news station.

Gieszinger's husband said he is in shock, and her actions do not attest to who she is as a person.

"It's a shock to me, that's out of her character. She doesn't do stuff like that," he stated. "It's not her. It's not who she is. So I don't know what was going on with her. I don't have any clue as to why she did that."

The student whose hair was cut expressed that he could never see her as a "respectable authority figure" again.

"I hope I never have to see her at the school again because I know for a fact I can never see her as a respectable authority figure in my life," he said.

In May, a South Carolina high school teacher resigned after pulling a student's locs while attempting to wake him. 

Gieszinger has been arrested with a bail set to $100,000 on suspicion of corporal injury to a child.

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