Justly so, after taking time to review his remarks and the reactions to them, Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton is back, taking the high road. The star quarterback and father of two young girls recently was shamed for offensive comments made, in response to a sports inquiry — but, one that came from a female reporter, Jourdan Rodrigues.

With the uproar or responses that followed the sour remark, much of that came from fans and opposers on Twitter. Cam took it upon himself to take to Twitter, with a sincere, empathetic, and heartfelt apology to any and everyone that his remark has offended. 

We appreciate Newton for owning up to the error of his ways and also making a charge to young men who are watching him, to "be better". That's a word!

Now, we just hope the media will address Jourdan's racist remarks as seriously as they're scrutinizing Cam for his sexist ones. The innocent white victim syndrome is played out.

Photo: HLN