When Capital Preparatory teacher Erica Buddington's rendition of "Bodak Yellow" went viral and made her internet famous, her students fell in love with her even more. 

Buddington told parents that she intended to meet with one of the school's co-founders in wake of her monumental success.  

"They kept their word and two weeks later, as the sun rose, I told the children that we were headed to California," she posted on Instagram.

To their surprise, the popular teacher, her students, and their parents arrived in Los Angeles to be guests on comedian Steve Harvey's daytime talk show and met Diddy on the Sept. 18 edition of the show. The hit producer and business mogul opened the Capital Preparatory charter school in Harlem last year with the help of co-founder and educator Steve Perry to close the education gap.

"A day later, one of their school founders, Sean "Diddy" Combs, arrived on set," Buddington said. "We spent the day in a green room, playing board games, becoming closer and hanging with our humble school founder. My scholars are so full. This is all that matters to me."

Not only did Diddy meet with the students, he doubles down on his commitment to helping educate children and give them the greatest chance for success. 

Diddy also donated an additional $20,000 on top of the millions he invested into opening the school. On Instagram, Combs reiterated that he will never let his students down and he will always be there to support his teachers in their pursuit of providing quality education.