With 13 days left in 2016, we really needed someone to come through, someone who embodied the year, someone who gave us hope. Who better than Chance the Rapper to bring us home — the Chicago emcee who released his third project this year in Coloring Book returned to SNL for the third time in his career. If you remember, he had that absolutely epic performance with Kanye West introducing us to ‘"Ultralight Beam." Enough about the past though, let’s talk about Chance the Rapper last night.

As expected we got a double dose of Chance with him performing “Finish Line/Drown” first. I couldn’t have been more excited because he brought NoName to drop her verse. This was perfect, given NoName has had an epic year herself, releasing her debut album Telefone. Both seemed in their element and, as with most Chance performances these days, he had a choir and backup vocalists to really drive the point home. 

For his second song of the night, Chance switched it up on us yet again, this time performing "Same Drugs" while playing the piano, smiling and delivering that down-to-earth stage presence we all love the whole time.

This SNL performance comes off the recent announcement of Chance’s seven Grammy nominations for Coloring Book. Along with the two songs tonight, Chance also appeared in a skit with Kenan Thompson and Leslie Jones parodying Run-DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis.”

Needless to say, Chance did that. Here's to new music and performances from him in 2017!

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