Time flies…

First announced in March, the FX network greenlit a new weekly half-hour late night series, exec-produced by Chris Rock, starring standup comedian W. Kamau Bell, in which he'll dissect politics, pop culture, race, religion, the media and sex.

The network ordered 6 episodes of the series, which will be titled Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, with a premiere officially set for… TONIGHTThursday, August 9th, at 11p, only on FX.

Chris Rock will only be involved behind the scenes; although, as Mr Bell told me in my interview with him, don't be surprised if Chris does a cameo appearance every now and then.

And when I ask him who his dream guests are, he said Denzel Washington, and Rachel Maddow.

I think Kamau is one of the funniest guys out there and I can’t wait to work with the good people at FX,” Chris Rock said. 

And if Chris Rock (who I think is one of the smartest funniest comedians in the mainstream) says he's "one of the funniest guys out there," you should run with that. Although Bell says that while there are similarities in the subject matter they both choose to tackle in their routines, their styles and delivery differ.

But expect the same kind of blunt, biting, comedy from Bell, who isn't so certain America is ready for a late night show of this kind, with a black person at the helm; however, as he noted in our interview, they said America wasn't ready for a black president either, before Obama was elected.

But no matter, because the San Francisco bay area native is definitely relishing the opportunity to have his talents showcased on a much grander stage, and is looking forward to where it all leads.

Let's see how he and the show do tonight! I'll be tuning in, and maybe we can talk about it tomorrow.

Watch the newly-released extended trailer for Totally Biased below: