In case you were wondering, it is also illegal to pick up trash while Black, at least in the eyes of police in Boulder, Colorado.

Per the Daily Camera, a college student was detained while picking up trash after police assumed he had a weapon. The incident was shared on Facebook by a man named Vanardo Merchant, who said his friend Zayd was picking up garbage when officers harassed him. 

"Zayd is picking up garage outside of our home and 8 police officers pull up on him with guns threading to shot him telling him to put down the 'weapon,'" Merchant wrote in the caption. 

The weapon they are referring to was merely a bucket and garbage clamps. 

Reports state police observed the man outside of a home at 8:30 a.m. on Friday. After noting the private property sign, officers asked him if he was allowed to be on the property.

"I live here," he's heard saying in the below video after giving the officer his identification card. "I am picking up garbage from my f**king porch."

An officer called for backup after saying the man was uncooperative and unwilling to lay down the object in question: the garbage clamps.

"Put the object down," one officer is heard saying.

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"Don't f**king tell me what to do. I have a right to be doing this," the man responded. 

According to Patch, the victim was a student at Naropa University. School president Charles Lief released a statement noting the trauma he experienced should not be underestimated. 

"Students, staff and faculty of color at Naropa, and other institutions have all experienced various degrees of racism living in this community," Lief said. "I do not want to underestimate the amount of trauma that was experienced by our student, who was the victim in this situation."

Community members have shared their frustration on Tuesday at the Boulder City Council, holding trash bags and "Black Lives Matter" signs while Chief Greg Testa addressed the department's internal investigation. 

Updates regarding the incident are pending.

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