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Moms, have you ever been at the nail salon when some child is causing terror? They go around knocking over magazines and screaming like Busta Rymes. ("Woo haa!") You may have come for relaxation, but the little menace won’t let you live. He just sneezed in the candy bowl.

Dads, have you ever been at the playground and that one kid puts you into fight mode, causing you not to enjoy the park? He’s knocking over kids and setting up camp in the designated area for smaller kids. He’s 13 and uses profanity better than you.

The golden question on your mind at the time is usually, "Where are your parents?" If we are brave enough or willing to deal with the confrontation from the oblivious parent, what demand do we have? “Come get your child!”

Now in America, we find ourselves in the similar predicament. The problem we have is with your favorite kid. (He’s America’s favorite child, like it or not.) Mass shootings don't really seem to bother him like it should. Within 24 hours, two mass shootings occurred. One in El Paso, Texas, and the other in Dayton, Ohio. The culprit? Two angry white boys. Its like the Titanic, but were on land. The Iceberg is white rage, white rage and guns.

But what about Chicago? (The conservative’s favorite deflection card.) What about Chicago? Black on Black crime in the windy city is complicated.  The working class is disenfranchised, and the schools are a joke. The corruption is historically high (i.e. The Laquan Mcdonald cover up, which included the Mayor) and much more. I could go on, but let’s admit Chicago needs help. However, lets also admit if those Black gang members were committing mass shootings with manifestos, Chicago would have been fixed years ago. Let’s admit, like most urban areas, Chicago is America’s stepchild.

Let’s take the liberal talking point now. Guns! Guns! What are they good for? Absolutely nothing! Well not exactly, Ian. (Ian sounds like some liberal dude.) I work away from home while my wife and kids often find me coming home late.   Few things give me more peace than knowing my wife is well equipped to protect herself and the kids when I’m away. It's that's simple. I don’t think I need to carry my Gun everywhere I go. I’m not afraid of the zombie apocalypse or if the government decides to cage us all.  My 9mm won’t be much help. To quote the great philosopher Andre 3000, “They got some s**t that will blow out our backs from where they stay at.”   

Finally, once upon a time, the government was very concerned about gun control. Dig up the Mulford Act, created by republican Don Mulford in 1967 specifically targeting Black Panthers who armed themselves to combat police brutality. The panthers didn’t shoot up any Garlic Festivals or Walmarts, though. Police brutality was running rampant and they became cop watchers. Well, that didn’t last long. I believe the demise of the Black Panther Party was government sponsored. What has been going on too long is mass shootings by America’s favorite child. He has the nation in fear. He still has a gang called the Klu Klux Klan.

Where will it be next? School? Church? A country music festival? Who knows? However, I do know one thing, America come get your child!