Like clockwork, Jordan Peele has gifted horror fans another gem. However, for this project, the scares and jumps came in an unlikely genre within the horror/thriller realm — science fiction. Much like Peele’s Get Out and Us, more than one viewing would aid in processing what one witnessed. And Nope is no different, being Peele’s most complex work laced with several questions and theories that have arisen since its July 22 release. Many audience members have reported leaving the theater asking themselves, “What exactly did I just watch?”

What did we just watch?

If you’re familiar with Peele’s work thus far, then you’re privy to how he prefers to leave us to conjure up theories as to why he showed or didn’t show certain information. When my 4DX chair stopped rattling and the credits rolled, I left with theories to last me until the next Jordan Peele project.