Tyler Perry’s Zatima follows popular Sistas characters Zac (Devale Ellis) and Fatima (Crystal Renee Hayslett) as they navigate the ups and downs of their growing relationship. The first spinoff of the mothership series picks up where the love birds were introduced to fans. In Sistas, Fatima works as an assistant at a law company, and Zac is an ex-convict trying to rebuild his life when they met. As they grew closer, Zac and Fatima decided to take it to the next level. Now, fans will be introduced to where the couple’s relationship stands now that they’ve decided to make it official and how they combat outside forces determined to take them down. The BET+ series premiered its first season on Sept. 22.

Hayslett recently spoke to us about why Zac and Fatima made for the perfect couple to center a show around. She also dished on her transition from working in the wardrobe department for Perry to becoming a leading lady, her chemistry with Ellis and more.

Every character in ‘Sistas’ has enough drama in their love lives to keep fans tuned in. but from the start, Zac and Fatima proved to be fan favorites. Hayslett says it was a natural transition to have a show centered on their development outside of the core circle

“Their love is relatable. I think the dynamic of a team would be in that ride, and I take that a lot of guys want and love support,” she told us. “Zach being the type of guy that a lot of women want with being very loyal to the team. I’m not one to mess up, even though because when he messed up in the beginning, he really didn’t see it because we weren’t together. So I counted it as a messed up. But I think just his eagerness to please the team and make sure that she’s safe and supported is something that women want, and they see in Zach. And together you were in that together we had the men and the women didn’t like the team. We love them. So I think just that those components that all together really make us and made our storyline arc, and the people just fell in love with us.”

Having been on the show starring alongside Ellis for so many years provides Hayslett with a certain level of comfort. She says she’s leaned on him immensely to spearhead their own show.

“I think having to step into the leadership role and setting the tone every single day, whether you’re exhausted or not, you have to come in with a smile on your face, good energy, because our energy spreads, with good or bad, it’s going to spread,” she explained. “So we make a very intentional decision to come in every single day, to be excited, to be there and grateful. Moving with a heart of gratitude. And it’s great you see it like the energy on set is always amazing. Stepping into that leadership role is definitely a big adjustment. The workload was a big adjustment because we’re the leaders of the show now. But I think Devale and I definitely handle it well. And any time I get frustrated, I can always call him.”