Celebrity Big Brother finalist Cynthia Bailey is realizing for herself how Todrick Hall double-crossed her in her exit interview.

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She said if she knew what she knows now, she never would have believed his assertion that Shanna Moakler betrayed her and fellow alliance member Carson Kressley. “It obviously will change my perception of him,” she said of Hall’s gameplay.

Bailey told TooFab that moments after leaving the house, she was quickly told by Kressley that Hall tricked them.

“Basically he told me that Todrick and Miesha basically lied to us and that it was not true that she betrayed us,” she said. “I am still processing that because I literally just got out of the house like two hours ago ... but I am devastated because I was-- you know, I feel horrible if that is what the deal is.”

She said that she will apologize to Moakler for believing Hall and that if she could change her vote, she would.

“My reality at that time was what was happening in the House. Todrick was good to me. I had a great time with him. Now that I know this information, that obviously will change my perception of him,” she said. “And it really sucks, because I really, really had a soft spot for him; I really love Todrick. It’s horrible because now I really have to make this thing right with Shanna. It’s such a mess. I honestly thought in some ways being on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for 11 seasons would have prepared me for ‘Big Brother.’ It didn’t. [It’s a] whole ‘nother beast.”

Hall has been criticized by most members of the Big Brother house as well as online, making him one of the most memorable villains in the franchise for now.

But time will tell as for how he repair his career after this, since not only did he show poor character to the houseguests, but he also revealed he doesn’t put a lot of effort into his Cameo messages. Hopefully he can bounce back from his self-inflicted wounds.