Remember that fight between Cynthia Bailey and Todd Bridges last month on Celebrity Big Brother?

Well, Bailey has opened up about a host of topics on The Doctors, including what it was like to make it to the finale of Celebrity Big Brother and that fight with fellow castmate Todd Bridges.

“That was hard,” Bailey told The Doctors cast, according to Bossip. “I thought that in some small way that being on the Real Housewives for 11 years would prepare me for Celebrity Big Brother and it did not in any way prepare me for being on Big Brother but I will say that it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.”

She also said her argument with Bridges "was one of my regrets."

According to S&A Unscripted’s article on the situation, it immediately wasn’t clear what caused Bridges and Bailey’s argument, but it seemingly had something to do with Bailey thinking Bridges wanted to vote her out of the house. the argument resulted in both people yelling obscenities to each other.

“I was and am still a huge fan of Todd Bridges,” she said. “I watched him my whole life. He was one of my favorite castmates that were in the house. You know when you’re in a house and you have no access, no outlets to anything. You have no phone, you have to TV, you have no way to decompress, everything is a big deal.”

"I turned 55-years-old and I am in full pre-menopause so I have mood swings," she continued.

“I’m having hot flashes and this man [Bridges] is like coming for me. I’m like, ‘Listen! I can’t regulate my temperature. I can’t turn my own lights off and on, and I am like literally having a hot flash in this moment right now.’ But we made it right and that’s my boy and we were able to move on.”

Watch a clip from the episode below: