No matter how effortless our selfies often times make it appear to be, the growth, consistency, and maintenance of hair is no easy feat. Women of all races and ethnicities have had and continue to have bouts with the simple inquiry “what will I do to my hair, today?” For some of us, we take it even further than styling; we are women seeking hair management and growth. We want those inches, sis. Sure we all know that no head of hair grows exactly the same. However, there are formulas that can assist any hair type with enhancing texture, strength, and promoting natural growth simultaneously. From thin edges to patches, there is a natural hair brand designed specifically for every women, especially the woman of color.

Alodia Hair Care is the newest innovation for natural hair stimulus amongst minority women. Carefully crafted, this scientifically proven set of products were created from natural ingredients that cater to the needs of your hair and, most importantly, your scalp, to encourage and induce the growth of healthier, more luscious tresses. Alodia has the versatility that supersedes any specific brand, by offering products suitable for various hair types. However, Alodia Hair Care was especially created to establish regimens that focus on the health of the hair follicles and hair strands for Women of Color. Alodia Hair Care is a high quality brand capable of serving every type of woman. The use of the products will have your hair so much more manageable and in greater health, so that you can style it however you'd like without stressing over durability and upkeep!

Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris, creator of Alodia Hair Care, took time to meticulously select the ingredients for each of her products, making sure all compositions were medically and nutritionally sound. This Medical Scientist, Certified Hair Practitioner of Trichology (International Association of Trichologists) and mother of twins, created a new recipe for a homemade treatment of natural ingredients in her own kitchen. Today, she is working to share her product with women of the world and get us all to a point of satisfaction with lengthier, stronger, healthier hair for amazing women. By providing these uniquely crafted products of natural ingredients, offering simple to use style kits, Alodia is taking off full speed in the mission to help women around the world “Learn, Love and Grow” their hair!

To uncover more about this amazing leader in Hair Care and Beauty for Women of Color, please email or visit to shop and discover more magic from this thriving new leader in diverse hair care.