What is beauty? What’s success? What are accomplishments? If I don’t know who I am.

My grandmother always says, “I don’t understand selfies. You’re taking the same picture over and over again. What do you think is going to be different?” In response, I would say, “Well each time I pose this way and my facial expression is that way.” Not realizing that she was actually right. I’m still the same person, just trying to find the best way to portray myself. I relate this concept to life.

For the past year, I’ve been struggling to figure out who I am. Earlier this year when I was met with my greatest accomplishment, graduating college, is when I ultimately lost myself. The irony, right? The title of “student” that clothed me was snatched away — in a good way, I guess. I was left bare and forced to figure out this young woman that stood before me.

Who are you, woman? Yes, I know you have graduated. Yes, I know you have a job. But who are you? The simplest question can be loaded with so much uncertainty. In almost every job interview, they ask for you to tell them about yourself. In the moment of that pause, you’re gathering your thoughts trying to find an inventive way to introduce yourself because a simple answer is not good enough.

Often times I would question my talent. “What is it that I’m doing that’s so special? Anyone can do it.” That stained misconception followed me and haunted me daily. I had to drill in my membrane the idea that many people can do a lot of things, yet all of them will not necessarily succeed. Everyone has the chance to create an opportunity, but only the most passionate will pursue.

I write every day because it’s my release. It’s the very place that I can run to and only my stories can find me. It’s my greatest escape. In these moments, such as while writing this piece, I realize that the best gift I’ve ever given to myself is acknowledgment. I acknowledge I’m not the most beautiful, the most successful with the greatest of accomplishments. And if I can take a million selfies a year, I can create a million opportunities. Same person, different snapshot.

Lanae Dillard is a nationally published Columnist for entertainment, contributing ideas of news & opinion and love & relationships. She has created a platform for women; which includes testimonials, positive vibes and inspiration through her blog, Everyday Girl. She can be found editing, blogging and reaching the hearts of women around the world. You can follow her on her blog or via Instagram.


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