A DJ is catching some much-deserved heat after he asked rapper Megan Thee Stallion if her curvaceous figure was due to her developing earlier than most teenagers.

The resurfaced interview was first published to the web in September and is titled, “Is Megan Thee Stallion Body Real?” 
Poor grammar aside, the clip is drawing criticism not only for being solely focused on the artist’s anatomy but one cringeworthy question in particular. 
“Did you develop early? Have you always had this body?" DJ Smallz asked the "Like a Stallion" artist.

Caught off guard by the question, Megan chuckled before answering the DJ's request. 

"When I got like, in the eighth grade, I noticed that I had boobs. But definitely, I was like flat. I didn't have nothing. And then the little boys were like, you know going a little bit more crazier than usual," she said.

"So yea, I've been pretty shapely for a while now," the Houston native continued.

A full video of the interview was posted shortly after, and it's glaringly evident the host is asking the same question repeatedly but with different jargon. At one point, Smallz even asked Megan if she ever considered surgical enhancements. 

Despite Megan answering the question with ease, some online couldn't help but remark how disrespectful it was even to inquire about her development, particularly given a study showing Black girls are “adulted” much earlier in their childhood than their white counterparts. 

Others even chastised DJ Smallz for neglecting to ask about Megan's budding music career.

One even made the PSA for everyone to mind the business that pays them.

Making history as the first female rapper signed to New York-based record label 300 Entertainment, Megan Thee Stallion recently revealed the visuals of her single "Big Ole Freak," a song from her latest EP Tina Snow.

Although she has been active on social media since the interview aired, Megan has yet to comment on the actual dialogue itself.

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