Whenever Kanye West's name is mentioned now, there's sure to be some BS associated with it; that’s just where he is. In light of one of West's latest shenanigans following his Saturday Night Live appearance, he took to Twitter to touch on the 13th Amendment and the need to abolish it: 

Calling for an end to abolish the 13th Amendment was rightfully met with outrage as it is the amendment that abolished slavery. Following the backlash West received, he tried clearing the air by elaborating on what he meant:

While some were able to look past his commentary, others simply could not. Among those ready to read the Chicago native his rights was comedian D.L. Hughley. In a four-minute clip from Hughley's radio show, we hear him relentlessly tell Kanye exactly how he feels:

“[Kanye] is a tremendously gifted artist and producer,” the King of Comedy began. “But I defy anybody to write a song so dope that it makes me forget slavery and the brutality of it. Ain’t no music that good and no performer is that great and no words are that powerful.”

“He keeps doing this thing where he minimizes slavery and puts an asterisk on it without understanding what he’s saying,” added the comedian. “Keep your mouth off slavery. There are some things you cannot say. Slavery is a blot on this country that we’ll never recover from, and you keep making light of it for whatever dumbass project you got coming out.”

"You got a lot of voices in your head," the 55-year-old concluded. "One of them should tell you to shut up."

Did D.L. go too far, or did he hit the nail on the head?

The full segment is below. 

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