Kanye West has been accused of using his slavery apology tour to sell records when the real reason may be political. The rapper is campaigning for that 2024 U.S. presidency we thought (OK, hoped) he forgot.

Continuing his Chicago homecoming press tour, 'Ye sat down with DJ Pharris on Chicago's Power 92 Radio to discuss how he's still down with Trump's ability not to "f**k up the paper," despite not agreeing with all of his policies and his presidential aspirations, according to The Fader. 


In his praise for Trump, he utterly disrespected Malcolm X, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. by saying they were assassinated because "they were so righteous and so liberal that they f**kin' up the paper."

"If you f**kin' up the paper, your head gon' get knocked off," he fixed his lips to say. 



Pharris also asked West if he was still eager to hop into the presidential campaign game. 

"Yes, 100 percent; could happen [in 2024]," he told Pharris. But that's not all; the Ye rapper is not going to pigeonhole himself into the Democratic or Republican parties. He came up with his own. 

Yes, this is a thing that's happening.

Y'all ready for the name?

Kanye has dubbed his new political party: The Birthday Party.



No, really, we need a minute.



He hinted at his focus: "I'm going to make sure the medical industry flourishes," he noted. 

You can check out the full interview below:

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