2018 is wild af, ya'll.

Just a few short years ago, we would have never guessed that the very same man who said live on television, "Bush doesn't care about black people" would become a man who believes President Donald Trump does, or that Don Lemon would admonish Kanye West for his new political views on national television.

On Thursday, Don Lemon hosted a panel on CNN featuring folks like Angela Rye to discuss Kanye West's recent apology tour in Chicago, according to Real Clear Politics.

In one of his best reads, Lemon actually compared West to Oswald Bates from In Living Color

"If you listen to the entire interview that's what it sounds like," Lemon said of Kanye West. "It's like a word salad where you realize that Kanye West, entitled to his own opinion, but is not very bright … I'm talking about this issue, not overall, but when it comes to these issues, he's not clued in," Lemon said.


Responding to Angela Rye's visible "oh wow" reaction, Lemon backtracked a bit, saying his "not very bright" comment didn't refer to the artist's general intelligence, but rather the manner in which 'Ye has spoken about black issues.

"He needs to read about it before he speaks about it. I'm not saying he's not a bright person. I take that back. It's not what I meant," Lemon clarified. "When it comes to this particular issue he needs to, like, look at a book, read some history and understand what he's talking about."


Rye said while she believes Kanye thinks Donald Trump cares about black people, she believes the 45th president's track record has clearly proven the opposite.  

"We can respect [Kanye's] opinion, but we don't have to respect his ignorance," Lemon concluded.


You can check out the clip of the discussion below: 

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