Don Lemon Calls Out Trump, His Supporters After Receiving Death Threats: 'Let Me Not Mince Words Here'

Team MAGA is gonna be pissed!

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| August 07 2018,

1:46 pm

A disgruntled Trump supporter recently threatened to shoot Don Lemon, and he has called out Donald Trump.

On Monday, August 6, Lemon addressed Trump’s tweet about his interview with LeBron James. The 52-year-old journalist called Trump’s comment a “nasty, hateful swipe” and accused him of using stereotypes to insult prominent black folks.

“Referring to African Americans as dumb is one of the oldest canards of America’s racist past — and present — that black people are of inferior intelligence,” Lemon declared.

After displaying several examples of Trump’s derogatory comments about Maxine Waters and other issues, Lemon deemed 45 a bully.

“Let me not mince words here,” Lemon said. “This president traffics in racism. And is fueled by bullying.” All over the country, he said, people of color are being “attacked by their fellow citizens who feel emboldened to be publicly racist, because the president is.”

Lemon might want to bump up his security because Team MAGA is trying to come for him.

The caller, who identified himself as Don from State College, Pennsylvania, accused Lemon and Brian Stelter of generalizing Trump supporters and inciting conflict before he threatened their lives, reports Business Insider.

"Brian Stelter and Don Lemon from CNN called Trump supporters 'all racists.' They don't even know us,” Don said during the call before he abruptly hung up. "Come on, give me a break. They started the war. I see them, I'm gonna shoot them, bye.”

C-SPAN released a statement confirming the network reported the man to the authorities on Monday.

"Specific threats of violence made on C-SPAN are reported to the appropriate authorities," a C-SPAN statement said. "On Friday, C-SPAN reported the incident and all relevant information to the FBI. Subsequently, C-SPAN cooperated fully with CNN Security officials.”

During the call, the C-SPAN host merely told Don to turn down his television as he spoke. C-SPAN claims she did not hear the inflammatory comments.

Stelter played the footage on-air during a Sunday taping of his show, Reliable Sources.

"I'm not asking for sympathy. I don't think I'm in extreme danger," Stelter said. "I know some of my colleagues get much worse threats than I do. CNN has a great security team, and we know how to handle this stuff."

He added, "And this problem is not confined to CNN. People at Fox News and other outlets have to deal with this garbage, too. But these kinds of threats are coming in more often."

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